I love this design. I know I love all my new lights… This glass curve is made using clear glass with applied enamels. Actually I only work with clear glass. Every colour and mark is applied by me. I like to think I use clear glass like you would use white paper or canvas. I draw freestyle on the glass with high and low fire black enamel and add coloured enamels.

This design is a progression of Brambles a collection I also produce. This features blues and a touch of green and black wash strokes. The glass measure approximately 30 x 13 cm and is a variation of the large curve. The base is made from wood. A local craftsman makes the bases for me and each base is individually made for each curve. The curves are slumped from the original flat piece and although I use a selection of moulds the curves are not consistent hence the need for individual routing to secure the curve safely. Each base requires three coats of paint which are rubbed down to give a smooth finish. They are then sealed with a matte varnish to protect the surface. An LED light is fitted in the base and a cable and sealed plug.

All our work is produced in beautiful Orkney in my studio Ingaskeldt and Daves workshop in Deerness.

Visitors are always welcome at Ingaskeldt in Kirkwall.

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