These three pieces are part of a short run of experiments in washing lines. It was initially inspired by my neighbours washing line viewed from kitchen window. Flapping sheets and clothing in a typical Orkney breeze. Orkney is well known for its windy islands. When I first moved her I bought clothes pegs in Doulls Grocer Shop in Saint Margaret’s Hope. They said ‘extra strong’ on the cardboard top and yes normal strength pegs wouldn’t prevent your laundry ending up in Norway.

These three curves are made with clear glass and fired with Frits and with enamels.

They measure approximately 17 x15cm.

If you would like one please message me with 1,2 or 3  (in the product images there is a 4th piece, the one with a peg attached is SOLD)

No. 3 White Sheets – SOLD

All my work is made in my studio, Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney.