A choice of two colour ways of wild brambles in blues or greens. This is the blue version.

The glass measures 17 x 15 cm  plus the base.

These shades are made from clear glass with applied Frits and enamels.Each piece requires up to 3 separate firings. The last firing fires a low fire enamel and slumps the flat glass onto a curved mould.

The craftsman from Deerness takes the glass and makes the wooden bases to fit each piece individually. The glass curves slip slightly differently and therefore need the routed base to be made specifically for each piece. The wood will have three coats of paint. Each layer sanded to a smooth finish. The last layer will have a coat of clear matte vanish to protect the finish. An LED light is fitted into the base with a cable and sealed plug attached. These pieces have a matte black base.

If you would like a differently coloured base I will make a new glass and a new base for you. This will take approximately 3 weeks.

My glass is made in my studio Ingaskeldt and Dave’s wooden base is made ins workshop in Deerness in beautiful Orkney for you.

Each piece is unique and hand crafted and posted to you boxed with tissue and ribbon.