This is a new shape of this design.

The panel measures 19 x 25cm at its widest points plus the oak base.

I made this using clear glass and kiln fired the design three times with enamels.

I will post the glass detached from its base. You will need to place the glass within the clips and tighten the screws to secure its standing position but being careful not over tighten them…. eek

Reach this very special tidal island by causeway to explore Pictish, Norse and medieval remains. Brooches, rings and dress pins found on the Brough of Birsay suggest that it was a Pictish power centre.

The Norse settled the island 200 years later, in the 9th century, but may have lived peacefully alongside the Picts. It’s still possible to make out the remnants of Norse houses, barns and even a sauna. Later, a small church and monastery were built on Birsay.