COPINSAY ISLAND from Deerness, Orkney

COPINSAY ISLAND from Deerness, Orkney


Glass curve made using clear glass with applied enamels. Kiln fired three times to complete the finished loo.

Handmade Wooden base with routed curve to fit the curve of the glass. Painted matte black. The two pieces fit together.

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This is a small curve approximately 17 x 15cm. It is made with clear glass with fired on enamels. It take 3 x firings to achieve the depth of colour and detail.

It sits in a custom made wooden base. There is no lighting in this piece.

Dave who has a very close view of Copinsay island from his workshop in Deerness makes the base to fit the curve of the glass.

Here is a bit about Copinsay that I didn’t write,

Copinsay is one of the Orkney Islands in Scotland, lying off the east coast of the Orkney Mainland. The smaller companion island to Copinsay is called the Horse of Copinsay and lies to the north east to the main island. The island is now uninhabited and managed as a bird reserve. Copinsay is also home to a lighthouse.

All my work is made in my studio Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney.


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