This shallow oblique bowl is hand painted glass and kiln fired using enamels. The bowl has three separate firings culminating in a final firing which slumps the glass into a mould.
The bowl measures 29 x 25 cms at its widest points.

I can see in the distance, Copinsay island from my studio. It’s now an uninhabited island off Deerness in the mainland of Orkney. Deerness is a beautiful rural farmland archipelago reached by a thin strip of land from Mainland Orkney. My bowl incapsulates the rugged foreground of the shore, the sparkling sea and the island in the distance. The ‘Horse’ is the smaller island depicted to the left just off Copinsay.

There are many deserted and inhabited islands around the mainland coasts of Orkney. So much to see and explore.

This bowl is made in my studio Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney.