Copinsay Island from Deerness set into a Rosewood base

Copinsay Island from Deerness set into a Rosewood base



This is a one off piece as Dave the wood craftsman only has one piece of Rosewood. The top of the slice is sanded and polished to a lovely smooth surface. He has routed the curve of the glass perfectly into the wood so the glass sits in place. There is no light with this as the chunk would be spoiled drilling through such a deep piece. You could sit a tea light on the flat surface behind if desired.

The design is made using clear glass with applied enamels. Copinsay is visible from my studio (on a clear day). When the sun is out it glints off the white lighthouse in the centre of the island. I can see the island from the studio but Dave can see it from his workshop in Deerness. It’s much closer to his workplace.

The glass measures 11 x 30 cm approximately. It requires 3 firings to achieve the depth of colour and texture.

The glass is made in my studio Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney. You can have a little reminder of your holiday in magical Orkney in your own home.


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