Craw design on a deep square dish

Craw design on a deep square dish



This is a large deep dish 25 x 25 cm across the top.

I used to make a lot of images of craws/crows. Especially featuring the Scottish song ‘Three Craws Sat upon a Wa’.’
I’ve really enjoyed revisiting a familiar theme. I love drawing Crows and Ravens. Many Craws strut around outside my studio. Their shape and form is so distinctive that even when drawn in silhouette they are recognisable as ravens.
The dish is made using clear glass with applied Frits and enamels.
The background has a mixture of coloured enamels with a bold band of red frit. The Craw is drawn with black and blue enamels with highlights in white and red.
The final firing slumps the glass into a deep mould.

The dish is fired in my kilns and made at Ingaskeldt my studio in beautiful Orkney.

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