This is a NEW thing. I was asked by a local customer to have Dave ( super hero wood craftsman) to make a base for his already purchased  Snowy Ring of Brodgar Curve.

So Dave came up with a double decker base with the curve cut into the wood. This is packed to help the glass stand straight.

This particular base is painted matte black with a distressed finish which is sealed with clear varnish. You don’t have to have a distressed finish. Matte looks best but you can have a glossy finish.

The only thing is- the base has to be made for your glass. No two curves are the same so Dave has to have your piece to make the base fit exactly.

You can return a piece to have the base made or can order a piece and have the base custom made for it.

If I have to make your order and send it to Dave you would need to allow around 4 weeks for delivery. I would keep you informed all the way along.

Dave would be able to make bases for most sizes and shapes of glass but I doubt it would cost any less as his work is what the payment would mainly cover not so much the materials