Grimleens @ The Ring of Brodgar -illuminated panels

Grimleens @ The Ring of Brodgar -illuminated panels

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This is a 3 x piece large  panel. It measures approximately 60 x 35 cm. The glass depicts the Neolithic Standing Stones and henge at The Ring of Brodgar in Stenness, Orkney.

Each section is made using clear glass with is kiln fired with Frits and enamels with a platinum lustre moon.

Grimleens  (Twilight, Dusk -The Orkney Dictionary) at The Standing Stones in The Ring of Brodgar,  Orkney.  The  stones are shown in the order they are viewed at Stenness.

The 4 pieces are bonded into a hand crafted base. This part is made in Deerness, not far from my studio in Kirkwall. Dave, the craftsman made the base with wood and has sanded painted and lacquered the base matte black.

This piece also has an LED Strip Light fitted with a cable & plug. To be perfectly honest the light is mostly very subtle- it is at its most effective when it is pitch dark.

This piece would look fantastic on a window sill or anywhere that would allow the light to shine through the glass.

The whole piece will be parcelled up as a unit and posted to you.

All my glass work is hand made and fired in my studio Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney.

Historic Environment Scotland say,

Walk among the enigmatic stones of one of the most spectacular prehistoric monuments in the British Isles. The Ring of Brodgar Stone Circle and Henge is an enormous ceremonial site dating back to the 3rd millennium BC


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