This is a favourite. The glass measures 30 x 12 cm approximately and is made using clear glass with applied Frits and enamels. The background red frit is rich and vibrant with skeletal black enamel trees painted and fired on to the surface. This process will take a separate two firings from the original red/black high temperature firing. So many trees and bushes take a few applications and I need to fire the glass each time to fix the enamel and add subsequent trees, which give depth and texture to the piece.

This piece gives a warm glow when lit. A lovely welcoming light to a winters room. An ideal gift, made individually for you. Each piece is a one of a kind. Original artwork for your home or office.

Dave, the local craftsman, makes the bases for my lights. As each piece is unique he has to make the base to fit each particular curve of glass. Each curve will be slightly different once it’s fired. This can occur because the mould the glass is slumped over is hand made and varies in size and also where the glass is placed within the kiln.

Dave will make a beautiful base for the glass and fit an LED light, cable and plug. This example of base is painted black and slightly rubbed down to give a natural appearance which echo’s the design. You can request a colour and a matte, glossy, distressed or slight sheen painted finish.

All our work is made in my studio Ingaskeldt and Dave’s workshop in Deerness in beautiful Orkney. Each piece carefully made to order and sent world wide to my clients.