Orkney Abstract Rural Scene/ Greens

Orkney Abstract Rural Scene/ Greens



This is a large piece measuring approximately 20 x 30 cm.

The curve is made from clear glass with applied enamels.

The inspiration for this piece is outside Ingaskeldt my studio. The summer colours in the fields and paths at the sides are amazing. So many bright greens with wild flowers growing in a paintbox of colours. The grass in my garden has wild marsh orchids growing among the daisies and buttercups.

We don’t really have hedgerows here in Orkney but we do have wonderful drystane dykesand wooden fencing. Alongside these barriers grow lush wild grasses, thistles and other weeds that I don’t know the names of!

This piece is a one of a kind. The enamels applied are mixed and applied in such a way it would be impossible to recreate the exact same piece.

The glass curve is made in my studio in beautiful Orkney and carefully packaged up to send to you.


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