This is a larger light approximately 29cm tall and 32cm wide. The glass has a conical shape and is made using clear glass fired with enamels.

Living in Orkney autumn colours are not as startling as when you drive south though the highlands and see the rusts and reds you associate with autumn trees. For me, there is colour at the shore line and scrub land leading up to the beach. The grasses are bleached and weeds have rusts, reds and burnt oranges. The seaweed has shiny reds.  This piece is inspired by the shore lines around  South Ronaldsay particularly around Hunda.

The lamp sits in a custom made base which incorporates an LED Light. The base on this light has an Art Deco look with its stacked three layers which are painted a glossy black.

All my glass is made in my studio Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney.