This piece is definitely a one-of-a-kind.

The stone is pretty big and heavy and has plenty of dried seaweed attached. The stone was found at Dingieshowe Beach at Deerness. The whole piece measures approximately 28cm wide and 23cm at its highest point.

Dave found the stone when he was walking his pup on the beach. He lives nearby.

He took the stone home then brought it to me so I could make a sea-scape to mount on the stone.

Once I had made the piece, painting the design in enamels on clear glass and firing the design 4 times, he bonded the grips on to the stone.

I cut the glass roughly to fit the undulating shape of the top edge of the stone.

It’s unusual and it’s original.

This would need to be sent in two separate  parcels.

If you fancy a little piece of Orkney in your home then this is for you. The stone is still shedding a little sand. Dingieshowe sand!