Small Snowy Road Scene Light

Small Snowy Road Scene Light



This is a small Light and measures 17 x15cm plus the handmade wooden base.

The piece is inspired by my good friend Jo’s photographs  of her beautiful home and farmlands in Perthshire.

I start making this light with clear glass and apply enamels. The first firing secures this to the surface of the glass. The next firing adds more depth of colour and the final firing requires the detail to be added in lower firing enamels. The glass is slumped onto a curved mould.  Cleaning and polishing next and then I give the glass to to a local craftsman in Deerness. He has to make each base individually as the glass slip curves differently on each piece.

The base has 3 x coats of paint, each coat is rubbed down and a coat of clear matte varnish added. He fits the light into the base and the cable and sealed plug are added. This base is pained a mid grey to compliment the glass.

The glass is made in my studio Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney.

This piece will be boxed with tissue and ribbon. Ideal for a gifting or keeping for yourself!



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