This light shows the standing stones of the Ring of Brodgar.  This piece is made using clear glass with applied enamels. A local craftsman Dave makes the wooden bases to fit each individual glass curves. This one is painted black and rubbed down to a slightly distressed matte look. It is fitted with an LED light, cable and sealed plug.

The glass measures 30 x 12cm plus the base.

Here’s what Historic Environment Scotland have to say about the site.

Walk among the enigmatic stones of one of the most spectacular prehistoric monuments in the British Isles. The Ring of Brodgar Stone Circle and Henge is an enormous ceremonial site dating back to the 3rd millennium BC.

The Ring of Brodgar comprises:

  • A massive stone circle, originally consisting of 60 stones – 36 survive today
  • At least 13 prehistoric burial mounds
  • A large rock-cut ditch surrounding the stone circle

The Scottish geologist Hugh Miller, visiting in 1846, wrote that the stones ‘look like an assemblage of ancient druids, mysteriously stern and invincibly silent and shaggy’.

The Ring of Brodgar is part of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site, a series of important domestic and ritual monuments built 5000 years ago in the Orkney Islands.


All my glasswork is produced in Ingaskeldt  my studio in Kirkwall and the bases are made in Deerness along the road from me. All made in beautiful Orkney.