This piece is a large curve approximately 30 x 25 cm.

This is a favourite piece and I’ve hung on to it for the last 2 years. It’s time to see if there is any interest in this one of kind curve.

The Rosie sisters grew up on Swona Island. The youngest sister Violet with her brother James were the last inhabitants of the island. I visited the island just before they left and was struck with Violet who served us tea and cake but wouldn’t sit with us as she was so shy. Her brother James visited my grandparents in Saint Margaret’s Hope often on his stop overs from Swona. I visited the island again in 2015 and had a look inside Rosie cottage. The second visit was so profound seeing all the other abandoned houses and the cattle they had left behind, now feral and a bit scary. I’ll always feel a total fascination with Violet and her lonely life.

Here is a little snippet from a Scotsman article about Swona.

Swona, in the Orkney Isles, was last inhabited more than 40 years ago. Since at least the early 1930s, just one family – the Rosies – called it home with the last brother and sister sailing off for the final time in 1974.

Violet is the woman to the left of the glass.

All my kiln fired glass is made in my studio Ingaskeldt in beautiful Orkney.