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Handmade Glass Design in Orkney | Carrie Paxton Glass Design





Carrie Paxton is a Scottish artist working with glass.

Originally a graphic artist, Paxton gained her degree in Architectural Glass from Edinburgh College of Art in 2000, and her Post Graduate Diploma in Design, in 2001. Her influences derive from nature, from nostalgia, with a powerful influence by Mid Century design.

Paxton’s work is deeply personal. Clearly stimulated by glass, the artist uses it as a blank canvas to create shapes and detail not readily associated with flat glass design. Paxton plays with light and colour. Her passion demonstrated by illustration on glass, often made with urgent marks before an initial firing then deepening detail, before finally slumping the design into or onto moulds.

“Despite years of working with this medium, the excitement and anticipation of opening the kiln the morning after firing, never weakens.”