This is a new addition to the Standing Stones at the Ring of Brodgar curves.

The long freestanding measures approximately 26 x 9 cm. The stones sit on a base colour of dark heather and have a summery blue and white sky.

I made this using clear glass and kiln fired the design in three stages with Frits and enamels. The final firing involves slumping the glass over a curved mould to achieve the S shape which allows the glass to stand.

The iconic standing stone circle is a must see if visiting Orkney.

Here’s a brief description from Orkneyjar

Standing at a maximum height of six metres (around 19 feet), the sheer scale of the megaliths that make up the Stones o’ Stenness, make the monument visible for miles around.

Located by the south-eastern shore of the Loch of Stenness, only four of the ring’s stones remain.

These are considerably larger than those found in the nearby Ring of Brodgar, approximately one mile to the north-west.

The Standing Stones of Stenness were originally laid out in an ellipse. Although it is commonly written that the monument was once made up of 12 megaliths, excavations in the 1970ssuggest that the ring was never “completed”, with at least one – possibly two – of the 12 stones were never erected.