Orkney Haar Rural Scene

Orkney Haar Rural Scene



Orkney Haar Rural Scene- A new piece reflecting the changeable weather conditions. I have welcomed 2 x lots of friends and family this last three weeks and we have been plagued with overcast, foggy, misty, weather. The landscapes are still beautiful covered in a mystical haar. I was at Scapa beach a few days ago when a warm bright sunny day became enveloped in a rolling haar, obliterating the Scapa brewery normally visible from the beach.

This piece measures 13 x 30 cm and is made with clear glass. The glass is fired with enamels in layers and finally draped over a mould to achieve a semi circular base for the piece to stand on.

As this piece is made using only enamels it is hard to recreate therefore it is being offered as a one off design.

I will send you this piece which has been created in my studio, Ingaskeldt, in beautiful Orkney


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